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A Note From DR Gan

A warm hello!

Thank you for visiting our website. Your health means a great deal to my team and I, and the privilege of seeing patients’ well-being improve under our care is one we greatly treasure.

It is through seeing how lives have changed dramatically that keeps me motivated and passionate to grow my knowledge on both modern scientific treatments, as well as priceless healthcare traditions that have withstood the test of time.

You see, while working in a medical centre years ago, I saw numerous medically compromised patients with unique oral and dental problems. Compelled to find a way for them to achieve quality of life without the burden of additional medication, I started my exploration trips around the world.

Countless visits to many renowned healing centres worldwide taught me comprehensive and informed ways of naturopathic health through biological dental care. One such place is the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland. It is world renowned for helping chronically ill patients recover through integrated allopathic and complementary naturopathic healing therapies.

It is amazing how so much of our lives can be enriched through the tender care of a single tooth. At Wholesome Dental, we strategically map each patient’s unique path to healing and journey together. No matter how complex or straightforward your dental/health concerns are, we look forward to taking that first step towards a better life with you.


Dr Gan Siok Ngoh